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The Old Tree Company produces beautiful handcrafted timber buildings and furniture from upcycled, reused wood


The Old Tree Company produces customized designs and constructions of the highest quality. We can produce bespoke designs for your building and furniture or you can choose a design from our previous project portfolio, which consist of buildings, developments, interiors, artwork and furniture all made from reused timber. Examples of our beautiful artwork, design and buildings can be seen at The Kayu Café and Bhuvana Villas on Gili Trawangan.


The timber we use for our buildings and furniture is mainly teak and ironwood and is reclaimed from railway sleepers, driftwood and salvaged antique buildings.


Here at The Old Tree Company, we believe that by recycling timber not only do we minimize our impact on the environment, but we also invest in a high quality natural material that has stood the tests of time. You can trust that The Old Tree Company will deliver a sustainable and quality product with a unique beauty.

The Old Tree Company


Structural & Interior Design and Development

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