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About the Old Tree Company

Sustainable sourced woodcraft

The Old Tree Company produces high quality handcrafted timber products from upcycled reclaimed timber.

We believe that bringing reclaimed and aged timber back to life, while preserving the forests they came from, lends immeasurable enjoyment to its warm charm and rich beauty.


One tree, many lives: the benefits of upcycling

  • Reclaimed timber claims no trees and repurposes a derelict resource

  • Much of it comes from mature trees, which were more abundant when it was logged

  • Most of these trees have either now vanished or are legally protected

  • Compared to the limited mature trees that can be legally logged, it is much more affordable

  • It has stood the test of time and is much more resistant to splitting and warping


Finally, if one believes in this sort of thing (and it is the rare timbercrafter who does not after working so intimately with this living, breathing organic material), reclaimed timber just has that extra something else – a patina of history, of character and soul.


Fine craftsmanship

Our carpenters spend entire lifetimes honing skills that are handed down from generation to generation. They hail from Jepara in Central Java, a region renowned for its timberworkers, who traditionally furnished the intricate palaces of ancient Indonesian kings.


New ways with old timber

The most common reclaimed timbers we work with are teak and ironwood. Occasionally, we come by other hardwoods such as bengkirai, merbau, and jackfruit. These make their way to us from previous lives as traditional timber houses, ships and boats, railway sleepers, electrical posts, bridges or even wayward driftwood.


Often they are beautiful even before processing begins. Their characters are more pronounced, their colours darker and grain more weathered and mellow compared to sawn new timber. It only gets better as we remove surface contaminants and other foreign matter like screws and nails, before cutting and kiln-drying the timber under strict quality control.


Then, in the hands of our carpenters, each piece achieves its new and full potential as furniture, timber house structures, flooring/decking, and assorted timber components. Many of our clients commission bespoke designs, but you can also choose from our in-house line.


From us to you

We operate on a FOB basis, but are happy to organize freight delivery from our factory to your destination port, from where you can obtain customs clearance and arrange onward delivery.




The Old Tree Company


Structural & Interior Design and Development

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